Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cinderella Carriage in the Garden ~ Wedding Cake & Cupcakes~

Bride & Groom
Timie Ajeen
Timie & Ajeen's

Thank you so much Ajeen & Timie...!


Wiz said...

Oh so romantic! Love the carriage at the top. Beautiful as always.

fiza said...

thanks kak wiz but i still dont have the guts to make 3 tier stacked cakes..i could imagine it'll be much better without those pillars..kannn?

momsloveheart said...

o.m.g. the cake and the pelamin are so gorgeous! tak pernah ternganga i tgk cake yg sgt indah!! bravo dear! i like cream icing decoration much much better than sugar icing yg keras tu (lupe apa org panggil hehe). u did it very very well! 2 thumbs up!



fiza said...

Hi Julie.., tq sooo much for dropping by & leaving all the lovely comments!
Yup, soft creamy icing cakes mmg lagi sedap from the hard ones: fondant/royal icing.... =)
tp fondant mmg lagi cantik & senang nak explore creativity....

azrin aziz said...

Oooohhh my plamin n my dream cake...rindu sgt3 nk rase kek tue lagiiii... Miss dat taste...kak fza if da off holidays do update us k.... Tq soo muchhh!! ♥♥♥