Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anniversary Cake & Macarons

This is why these babies are still not in the menu , i need a lot more practices & experiments, how i wish i could  join a macaron making class! Imperfect shells, but they tasted divine..the lemon curd filling oh so yummy! I just kept on tasting it while it was cooking on the stove..The whole house smells of lemon last nite, wonderfully refreshing ;)


Thank you so much Nila..!


Tina said...

imperfect shells? where??? you forgot to post the photo in this entry?? :D they look lovely!!

fiza said...

Hi Tina,
Tq so much Tina, but the shells were too soft it easily broken..and they stick to the parchment papers're looking at 4 batches of macarons, byk tu je dapat..the rest hancuss..