Sunday, March 6, 2011

Peach Roses Cupcakes & Wedding Cookies

my peach cupcakes
peach roses wedding cupcakes
Ciao Ristorante
Peach Roses Wedding Cupcakes
wedding dress
Wedding cookies
PeachHeart Wedding cookies
Peach Wedding Shoes
Wedding cookies
Bride & Groom Cookies

Venue: Ciao Ristorante Jalan Tun Razak
Wedding Planner TieTheKnot
Fondant Cupcakes by ChiQueCaKeS
Wedding Cookies by ChiQueCaKeS
2 Tier Wedding Cake by Delectables
Peach Macarons by Kitchen Guardian

Thanks Yee Ling..!


SHERLY said...

Thanks for the credit. :) The cupcakes and cookies were super yummy!

Sherly @ tie the knot :)

KG said...

fiza, tq for thbe opportunity! and our bakes were savoured along delectable's's something to be proud of...woot to us :p

Wiz said...

Love all your sugar cookies, so dainty looking. And your cupcakes too!

fiza said...

Hi Sherly, thanks for dropping by. Nice meeting you the other day, the whole set up was lovely,am sure it was a romantic evening..
glad that u liked them cookies & cupcakes, hopefully we'll bump into each other again sometime ;)

fiza said...

Kak Yani, our sweets looks lovely together with the main cake, complements each other..yup..! woot to us..!

fiza said...

Thanks so much Kak Wiz..! I wish i could see you @ Alamanda...sooo rugi... =(

cekmekzue said...

salam fiza,
aduuussss, cantiknya....sweeetnyer, takpuas tengok cookies tu , cantik bangat.......

fiza said...

salam kak zue,

aduss...jenuh membuatnya, but i had lotsa fun! request utk benda2 yg cute2 & romantic mmg saya sukaaaa bangatt :)

tina_bakes said...

Salam Fiza,

Came here from KG's blog. Lovely presentation and everything is sooo pwetty - what a feast to my eyes!! congrats to all!!

fiza said...

salam tina,

thank you so much, i love looking at the deserts in your blog, looks scrumptious..! ;)

Murni said...

WoW just love those hues of sugar n spice and everthing nice...