Monday, February 8, 2010

Chinese New Year Cupcakes

75pcs ChocolateMoist & Vanilla Cupcakes
Thanks Kak Azza...!


Azie said...

this is nice fiza, with those pink sakura blooms & fans.. very oriental & suit for CNY theme

wiz said...

I love the fan FIza, so the tarian kipas.

I saw some of your hen night picture kat facebook. OMG the girls looked like they were ready to paint the town red ha ha ha. Seperti biasa Lisa dan pose2 nya.

Fiza said...

thanks kak azie, exactly what i wanted to create, an oriental set..

tarian kipas kak wiz..? hehe i pernah menari tarian kipas tu kecik2 dulu..
ahah...! kantoi disitu =P sib baik satu gambar jek..! 10years ago..haha

Triwana said...

i tasted this...delicious!
Fiza, I'm wondering if you could help me make a cake in a shape of a yatch.