Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whimsical Garden of Butterflies

lemon flavoured royal icing on butter cookies

the earliest batch of butterflies with pink, purple &
blue as requested

Rose asked for a set from my previous 'girl's garden' design for Zara, this time i came out with a more whimsical touch..
higher range butterfly cookies design with intricate piping and some touch of edible glitter dust

70pcs Butterflies + 25pcs Garden Cupcakes
Thank you so much Rose..! how time flies..i still remember making Zara's barney cake last year =)


wiz said...

YOu sure have a strong grip Fiza. Piping those isn't a walk in the park. Beautiful.

caramel said...

Dear Kak Fiza;

saw your blog and fell in lurve with the cake design..they are so beautifully made.

but my heart dropped when i saw that u are fully booked for this week.

its just that my dear cousin is getting married and would like to give him something special as part of his hantaran.

is there room for one last cake?

Fiza said...

thank you so much kak wiz, you just made my day brighter..! =)

dear caramel,
thank you so much for your lovely comment, how i wish i could accept more orders, but i'm just incapable of doing come again ya ;)

Rose said...

My guests loved both the cupcakes and the cookies. The cupcakes finished so fast that many of my guests were left disappointed. They were so beautiful! (Birthday girl managed to get one, thankfully).
And the sugar cookies - my guests thought not only they were beautiful, they were delicious too.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste either of your beautiful products. All were finished up pretty fast :-)
Great job!!! I was proud to share your beautiful and delicious creation :-) And my guests loved it!

Fiza said...

Rose, thank you very much..! I'm so happy to know that you were proud to share my products with your guests ... i feel honoured to be given the chance to spread some love & happiness through them..!