Friday, May 8, 2009

Warm Gold & Cool Blue

'Fall for Daisies' as i fall in love with this autumn gold daisies
Choc Moist + Fondant Daisies
'MyRoseGarden in Autumn' [RM 65]
Cool Blue SweetLove [RM65]

Thank you Iwani & Shairul, Bank Negara


cekmekzue said...

captivating as ever....

zaitgha said...

nak tanya you get the gorgeous glory gold?

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

thank you kak zue :D

kak zai, i mixed lemon yellow with brown + green hope it helps :D
owh ya, i did brushed some gold lustre to the daisies..

zaitgha said...

thank u...i think the gold lustre buat dia lagi cantik....tak pernah lak + hijau(leaf green??)