Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colourful Birthday Cake

Zeti requested her son's cake to be decorated with colourful & striking primary colours, mickey image and also a ball..

i've never asked my customers to send me their feedback, so i guess they just do when they're really satisfied...but it's truly a good feeling to have received so many positive feedbacks such as zeti's, i'm publishing them here merely to convince other potential customers since in cyber cakes world where you can't see in real , smell & touch, i hope these testimonials will help..

"the cake mmg sedap sangaaaaattt...very moist giler lah! Even my dad yg x suka mkn manis2 pon ckp sedap + siap mkn cake tu 2-3 slices. Hari tu ada 2 cake, 1 kek beli for my niece, sampai ptg pon x hbs2 kek tu, kek yg u bt tu yg hbs dulu...mmg sapa yg rasa mesti nak tmbh 1 lg slice"
thanks zeti..!

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