Sunday, April 24, 2011

Engagement Cakes ~Roses~

bouquet of roses..!
blue green roses
~thank you so much zetty..!~
~for my mom@ampang puteri..get well soon..!~


Kaka Ajid said...

Lovely. And the cake was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I bet the groom's side pun enjoyed theirs.
Semoga your mother sihat semula.

fiza said...

owhh..tq sooo much kak ajid..! =D

Edi said...

kak fiza, your roses are perfect!! i tak pandai buat pakai petals nie.. pakai 852 boley la.. :P

btw i ade mentioned psl u on my post today :)

fiza said...

Edi, tak perfect lah tapi bila dah arrange rimbun2 tu oraitlah..naik juling buat roses ni haritu, jenuh nak penuhkan kek..i know u can do it too.
thanks for the mention, appreciate it really =P