Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Velvet in K.L

Good news for ChiQueCaKes fan around KL! Red Velvet will be available in KL Town this week starting Tuesday 22nd March..anyone interested please drop me an email : 
Delivery around HKL areas
Collection time : Between 10 to 11am
Papercup 6cmx3cm
Box of 9pcs RM38 
Box of 16pcs RM65
Box of 25pcs RM90

red velvet
Thank you Fatin..!
Thanks Kak Ella, Ija & Aznida ..!

The comment that made my day ;-)
'Sanghattttttt sedap!! Mmg rapuh kan? Mmg sedap.. Kawan opis ija pun kata sedap, dia ada beli kat harod tapi lagi manis, yg ni kurang manis skit dr harod.. Along, kalau boleh kurng skit manis, mesti lagi best.. Tapi ija tahu la, mmg based macaron ni gula kan.. Huhu.. But anyway, sedap! :)'

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