Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pink & Purple for 'Emie & Nazz'

okayy don't get bored, emilia wanted the same old style, just the colour changed. still remember how i discovered this design, initially i placed that single rose on the cupcake & it looked so ugly with royal icing clearly visible underneath & unstable standing alone, so i decided to put my lil rose onto another 5 petal flower i've made earlier to support it at the same time giving some colour contrast..i liked it..! it's really fun coz i rarely planned my work, discovering new things from every mistakes i made as i go along each decorating process is a true satisfaction.. it's the best part, therapeutic ...
and that 'skirting look', that's not what i really wanted to achieve at the beginning..! i tried to crimp the edges after seeing beautiful cupcakes from my friend Wiz, but mine turned out looking like a puff pastry instead..ahakss..! i just dislike repetition & monotonous design, so combining two or variety patterns in a set is just my kind of style., that's the advantage of cupcakes..yes it's small, but there's still alot to explore :)

Thanks Emilia

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