Friday, November 20, 2009

Roses for Mama


fadzilsalleh said...

cantik bunga rose tu.kemas. Keep it up

zetty noor akmar said...


cuppies4you said...

aaaaa lawanye roses!!! sumpah cantek.

sy buat rose masih comot :( org 'kidal' mcm sy mmg payah agaknya nk menggayakan pegang nozzle tu..sob sob

Kitchen Guardian said...

Pretty as always!

wahida said...

how to contact u ek???

girlfriday said...

Hi, boleh tau berapa harga untuk cupcakes sejibik camni? -->

Please email to thanx!

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

yup, same like wahida, how do we contact u, cos i wanted to discuss my order for wedding.. appreciate if you leave your contact num/email..

thank you soo much, fall in love with all your lovely cakes..

Ray said...


Not only me, tp dah a few of ur readers have left enquiries about ur contact details. Kitorang berminat nak order, tp Fiza still tak jawab enquiry kitorang.

So tertanya-tanya jugak, are ur cakes exclusive to certain customers only ke?

If that is the case, perhaps you shoud make ur blog private?

Thanks:)Jgn ambik hati ya, tapi ramai yang tiggalkan komen nak mintak ur contact detail ni your potential customers..

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

salam all,

thanks for the comments.

i can be contacted via email for any enquiry regarding orders.

ray, my cakes can be ordered by anyone interested, must admit that i'm not feeling very well since august hence the very slow/no replies to emails. i'm limiting orders intake, i'm still doing it coz the passion is still there..just need a little more time for my own sake.

hope that you could understand my situation, i'm doing this biz alone, juggling between house works & my four little kids. i love to spread some happiness thru my cakes, but in order to do that, i need to be happy myself, and that's what i'm trying to achieve now, at this moment.tq