Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thomas The Tank Engine Cake

5 times enlarged from that little model..
I combined fondant with buttercream..yes it's more difficult as i keep on touching the cream whilst placing the fondant detailings..!

Quite happy to get that facial expression of Thomas..

"Fiza, thank you so much for make it happen. the cake is marvellous n delicious. sayang nak potong :)"
Thank you Syahreena, Kota Damansara


cekmekzue said...

Well done fieza, good job, have faith and believe in yourself, insyaAllah semua jadi. I am saying to myself too cos I have a mission, to me it's big and i am having jitters, butterflies in my stomach and it's coming pretty soon, hope I can pull through.....

.:aNNa:. said...

all of us shud give ourself chance to to something. we never know what talent we have inside us. always believe with urself =)nuthing is impossible