Monday, April 27, 2009

Sara's Hannah Montana Cupcakes

[RM 80]

Yes, it's for the same girl Sara, despite her ruined castle cake last weekend, mummy still wanted to treat her lil girl with my cupcakes set this time, Hannah Montana theme..It's Sara's actual birthdate tomorrow and she's taking it to school for a small celebration with friends..
I've never watched this series/ movie so had to browse for some inspiration from the disney's website, bake , design & decorating all done today afternoon..

Thanks again Dang Suria ;-)


cekmekzue said...

salam chiquecakes, sorry to hear about your crumbling castle and the dismay by the little girl.You have done a beautiful job on the castle and all other cakes for that matter. I really admire your creativity and the colours that you choose. Keep on creating more and more beautiful cakes and cupcakes.Don't let this incident hamper you down.I have also had my fair share of kereta rosak and kereta accident, so take everything in our stride, stay calm always, insyaAllah, you will be as calm and as serene as your cupcakes.Take care,Zue.

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

Thank you cekmekzue for your beautiful words & encouragement,it does light up my day.. ;)
i've learnt a big lesson from this incident, insyaAllah