Monday, October 6, 2008

Butterfly Garden & Golf Ball Cake

Ordered by Jimi for her twins daughter's 2nd birthday ..I had to rush back from kampung to make these cakes on 2nd day raya...All of them were rich chocolate cakes..The 2 tier cake were frosted with buttercream and decorated with sugarpaste..those big butterflies were too heavy..luckily they survived! I felt so relieved when i received Jimi's feedback the next day saying that everyone loves the cakes..not only the look but more important the taste are really satisfying... thank you so much Jimi..!

Golf ball cake for her father in-law...simple, but hey it's not that easy as it looks..

hehehe..from this angle the golf ball look perfectly round ay jimi...?
Jimi: Fiza, thx so much 4 d cake, everybody enjoyed it very much, sume kata sedap!


Wiz said...

Fiza, before I finished reading the post I was gaping at the golf ball cake you made. I knew straight away the complications of the cake and how hard it would be to make it round. You have this skill of baking large cakes la Fiza, serious. And I love the two stacked butterfly garden cake too!

fizafarizah said...

Wiz,it's really a good feeling to have experience baker like you giving comments like this ..hehe, yelaah, customers doesn't really know what happened behind the scene, the complications and other responsibilities of the cake baker..i'm still in learning process and love when i got orders that challenge my skills's just so exciting eventhough always making me 'so fening',there's always something new to be unrevealed..