Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Teddy Bear Cake

This cute teddy cake original design was from yatt's lilkitchen
10" 1.2kg++ Vanilla Sponge Cake
Ordered by Akma for her two little girls birthday....


yatt said...

hi hiiii...comelnya baju dia :-)
the flower2 pun cantik :-)
ur bear is well planned. masa i buat mine, i had the idea tapi masa pipe kelam kabut baru nak fikir mcm mana nak pakaikan baju *LOL*

*thanks for the acknowledgement

fiza said...

thanks alot yatt, i mmg dh lama tgk keje2 u...ur colour combination always right, still love ur bear, so comeii..kelam kabut tu yg sometimes 'menjadi'...;)
really appreciate u've been here..

wizcakes said...

Love the sweetness of the whole do. Nice job! And your barbie cake is getting better and better Fiza. I'm also clapping hands for this.